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The sketchbook

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Stroke of luck in art history

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Included on 192 pages are twenty-six positions between Degas and Rainer, Munch, Beckmann and Kirchner, Baumeister, Schlemmer, Mitchell and Thek. It shows that something other than "preparation" takes place here. Artists have valued the sketchbook as the area in which they spent their loneliest, most exciting moments. The first encounter with the subject bears a special experience for the creative person, which he can not and does not want to share with anyone. The sketchbook and every single sketchbook sheet thus have a violent exclusivity. It is significant that artists rarely sell their sketchbooks or individual sketchbooks: too private - too precious.

Edition: 95 copies, signed and numbered

              German English

              ISBN 978-3-00-056940-1

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